Pastor Daniel McKillop of Plaster Rock Church

Pastor Daniel McKillop began his ministry in 1998 at Family Worship Center, a dynamic church in Plaster Rock, Canada, under the leadership of his father, Bishop Dana McKillop. Bro. McKillop has spent 20 years in ministry at his home church serving as a Minister of Music, Assistant Pastor / Co-Pastor, and since 2010 has served as Senior Pastor at the Plaster Rock Church. God is doing an incredible work in Plaster Rock, New Brunswick, CA through the ministry of this family. Pastor McKillop and his wife, Sis. Ruth McKillop were blessed to be able to adopt their only son, Geron, from Belize in 2007. 

Pastor Daniel McKillop has preached in many places all across the United States recently preaching in several churches stateside and in Canada. Here are some recent church events he has preached at.

  1. Pastor Kevin Archer at Landmark Apostolic Church for their annual STAND conference.
  2. Wayne Lawhorn at Bible Truth Tabernacle for their Pastoral Anniversary.
  3. Youth Conference for Pastor Terrell Heard at Spirit of Pentecost.

Also a list of upcoming church events Pastor Daniel McKillop will be ministering at. If you are in the area you do not want to miss out on being at these services!

Plaster Rock Church

Family Worship Center Plaster Rock Church Near Me Pastor Daniel McKillop

Family Worship Center Church in Plaster Rock, New Brunswick, Pastor Daniel McKillop

The Plaster Rock Church has been blessed with incredible Apostolic Heritage that is grounded on the Word of God. They have several daughter work in the Plaster Rock, New Brunswick area with more in the works of being planted. Family Worship Center is a church that display Acts 2:42 with passion. Family Worship Center is truly a family driven church which puts great focus on strengthening the family and the home. The Plaster Rock pentecostal church is a beacon of hope in their community, reaching their area and abroad with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

PEAK 2018 will be incredibly blessed by the preaching of Pastor Daniel McKillop. As he launches the first night of PEAK, let’s get behind him and preach with him! If you are unable to attend in person, tune in to Holy Ghost Radio at 7:30 CST.

Pastor Daniel McKillop, Family Worship Center, Plaster Rock Church, New Brunswick, Canada

PEAK 2018

The lineup this year is as follows:

(See the lineup on the homepage).
PEAK 2018 will be blessed by the preaching of these dynamic men of God in each and every service. This is a conference you do not want to miss! Every years has been incredible, from the dynamic music and worship to power packed preaching, 2018 will be no less. We can’t wait to see you there, and don’t forget your shouting shoes!

Family Worship Center Church Website

To see more about Pastor Daniel McKillop, Family Worship Center of the Plaster Rock Church, New Brunswick, Canada you can visit their website here.